An honest sport horse

Our partners

Stal Van Doorn's aim is to breed and train good sport horses as conscientiously as possible.
We therefore maintain close contacts with our stallion keeper, the vet and numerous other stables.


We teach our horses a variety of skills as a form of play while they are still foals. They work from
a young age with a trainer in order to develop into balanced, athletic animals that are perfectly
matched to their rider.

Health and care

We devote considerable attention to the physical condition of our horses. They are checked by the
vet each month. The vet also administers all the regular vaccinations and performs two-monthly
worm checks before and after deworming.

Our trainers maintain a logbook of the horses, in which they record what each horse has done on
a given day, and its current physical condition. Potential buyers are welcome to inspect the logbook.